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Every Tuesday night we have Craft Night at the game room.  We start at 7:00 and go til about 9:00.  Come and join us for a freestyle session and practice your favorite craft or learn a new one. 

Game Night

Every other Thursday night we have Game Night at the game room, starting at 7 and wrapping up around 9:00.  Another Freestyle session where you get to choose what game you wish to play.  We have ping pong, pool, card tables and an occasional bingo.  Check in at the office to see what is happening next

We have just completed installation of our new WiFi system in February.  Please check in at the reception desk for the current password.

We have also just completed installing the locked doors on the shower houses and the laundry room.  The laundry room is now accessible 24 hours a day for your convenience.  Also, the bathrooms, having just been completely remodeled, were becoming popular for off the street use.  The coded doors will help keep the shower houses private for customer use only and ensuring they remain clean, safe, and well maintained.  Please check in at the reception desk for the current code.

In the next few weeks, construction will begin on the new WWTP.  t's kinda like having to buy tires.  It won't be pretty but it will ensure the park continues to run smoothly.  Construction is expected to be completed within 30 days.  Afterwards, new fencing will enclose the new plant and we will have a larger storage area as well as an area for adding a dog park.

Upcoming projects

The swimming pool will be getting a facelift this year.  The old fiberglass surface will be removed and a new stone finish is being installed.  The project is expected to take place in the spring of 2019.

A doggy park will be incorporated into the area near the new Waste Water Treatment Plant.  We have been waiting for several years to get this work completed and have planned a small but fun area for our pets to play off lease in an enclosed fenced area.. There will be seating for the adults and it will be a fun place to gather and socialize our pets. We hope to have this open in time for summer play.

We also are adding a small herd of goats to the back of the property.  Why?? you ask.  Because goats are fun.  And because they will keep the back 5 acres growth under control. 

Expansion plans - We are planning on developing the back 5 acres within the next 18 months.  We have been running at capacity for the past 3 winters and have been crowded almost year round.  We have space to develop another 30 sites between the lakes in the back.  This is a complicated project and will take some time to finalize but we look forward to the challenge.

Check back here often to see what changes are taking place and when.  We are planning some day excursion trips and the highlights will be posted here.  Sign ups are at the reception desk.