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In February 2018, Lost Lake installed a complete new Wi-Fi system with numerous upgrades, including extended and expanded access points, as well as service provider upgrades with increases to maximum speed available.  It is our continued goal to make our Wi-Fi service a valuable amenity for those customers who enjoy the free service.  You can rest easy knowing Lost Lake will continue to control the costs of our Wi-Fi service so that it remains a free included amenity for the majority of our customers to enjoy.

Along with managing control of our Wi-Fi’s expenses, we find the need to manage customer expectations of Wi-Fi’s limitations.  Simply said, even with our extensive upgrades and new service commitments, shared Wi-Fi may not suit what some expect or desire.  We encourage those customers to explore individual lines of service that can possibly provide them with the necessary unshared speed to download movies.

Our free shared Wi-Fi system isn't meant to be used as an individual system, but as a shared Wi-Fi Hot Spot.  This permits our customers to check emails, browse the web, and perhaps some lite streaming is possible.  It is not meant to be used for unlimited streaming of movies, to run subscriptions of Netflix or amazon prime or any TV subscription, nor for commercial use to run an internet dependent business.  

We hope the upgrades make your internet usage more enjoyable during your stay.  If your individual needs are not being met with the current Wi-Fi service provided, please come to the office and we will provide you with the number for individual service information.

We realize that you have choices when selecting your RV Park.  Thank you for choosing Lost Lake RV. Thank you for your continued patronage.